Who we are...

7 SLOTS is more than just a clothing line. Yes, we make clothes to accent the 4x4 lifestyle. Yes, we are the ones who customize our 4x4s to make them what we want, designed and geared for purpose, and creating lasting memories founded in fun and community. But that is just the surface. We are a lifestyle brand crafted for OUR PEOPLE. We work hard so we can play harder. We earn the dirt under our fingernails and mud on our boots. We are the ones who you can call on anytime. We are the go-getters, the misfits, and the ones who create paths, not follow them. We are 7 SLOTS. And we are here.

Meet the Team

Hey there! Welcome to our corner of the digital world! We're thrilled to see you dropped by. Take a look around, explore our collection, and we sincerely hope you find something that sparks your interest. Whether you're into adventure, style, or just a good vibe, we've got something for you. Thanks for being a part of our journey, and we can't wait for you to discover what we have in store. Happy browsing! 🚗✨

Introducing Courtney — a multifaceted force blending the roles of a devoted stay-at-home mom, a loving wife, and an enthusiast of the great outdoors, art, and the diverse world of animals. Whether she is behind the wheel of her 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK Sport, or Dodge Ram, Courtney navigates life with a spirited sense of adventure.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in art and currently pursuing her Masters in art education, Courtney's passion for creativity extends beyond the canvas. The onset of the pandemic coincided with the joyous anticipation of her firstborn son, Xane. While blessed with the opportunity to be a full-time mom, Courtney sought an outlet for her creative energy, leading to the genesis of 7 Slots Attire — a venture born from collaboration with her close friend, Dylan.

Now, as they unveil 7 Slots Attire, Courtney invites you to explore a world where style meets adventure, and where the love for family, art, and the thrill of the open road converge. Take a glimpse into the curated collection they've meticulously crafted, and join Courtney on this exciting journey.

With boundless love and creativity, Courtney welcomes you to 7 Slots Attire, a space where passion finds expression in every stitch and design. Explore, indulge, and embark on this adventure with us. Much love!

Meet Dylan — an Army veteran, proud father to the adorable Wrangler, a fitness aficionado, personal trainer, and a true sports enthusiast. Behind the wheel of his '66 Chevy C10 truck and a '98 TJ Wrangler, Dylan's journey is marked by a passion for strength, family, and the thrill of the open road.

In a light-hearted moment, Dylan coined the slogan "7slots>1" as a playful nod to his diverse collection of vehicles, but little did he know, it would resonate far beyond his garage. Inspired by the positive response, Dylan teamed up with his good friend Courtney to bring this unique concept to life. Together, they birthed 7 Slots Attire, a brand that captures the essence of style, adventure, and the love for all things with seven slots.

So, as you explore the creations curated by Dylan and Courtney, know that each piece carries the spirit of a veteran, the dedication of a father, and the determination of someone who knows the value of embracing life's adventures. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey amidst the chaos of our times. Your support means the world.

From Courtney, Dylan, and the entire 7 Slots Attire family — where every slot counts, and every story is worth sharing. Cheers to the road ahead!